you think my house is messy…

you should see this (via Cowboycaleb, via Meanwhile, Supanova told me that day that he wanted to come visit me again. And I quickly said, No way! When I said no, I meant no.

Laundry day

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I need friends like that

Anyone? Just kidding… not really.

Anyway, it’s going to be the birthdays of 3 of the men that I adore and love, mainly my Brother (no Man U jersey for you this year – I’ve run out of ideas and the Man U store closed), Mr LamPa, and my buddy Supanova. Their birthdays are one after another, each in a week.

It’ll be fun – LP just had his groin poked, Supanova has his papers starting on the 18th, and there is rife speculation whether my brother’s girlfriend would officially become my 大嫂 soon.

confusing voice
qc – I should try this sometime

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6 things, again

Cindy tagged me, and because she’s such a sweetie I’ll just bore you guys again.

1) I bathe with my door open when I am alone. Which is pretty often.

2) I can starve myself if I want to. Which is good if I decide to be an anorexic, but I see no fun in that. Besides, I rather tone myself than go to the Kate Moss way. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to cook/forage for food/eat.

[I forgot what comic this was]

3) This happens to me:

…more often that you think. The food container problem, not the clothes problem []

4) Since we’re using pictures, this also happens to me quite often, just that it’s the aircon instead of the electric blanket.


5) I’m horrible at housekeeping. When it comes to laundry, I don’t really bother to separate them. And I rewear my clothes just as long as they don’t stink. I’ve been told that I wash like a bachelor. Well… if it works, why not?

stink and non-stink – that’s the way to go.

6) I don’t care for Britney. Not at all. A little sad what happened to her, but it doesn’t rock my world. She needs help. Plus, her music, to me, ain’t really music.
underwear is healthy

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will they get it on, or not?

I am getting intrigued by the newest story line (#868 onwards) at QC. I was a little dismayed that Angus (or the AskingForIt Guy, or the Argument Guy) was getting something from Faye, but well, as sitcoms go, we can all predict the ending. They drew him a little different – almost kinda and not so jerk-looking this time.

But very, very interesting though. Immensely interesting. Can’t wait for the next episode everyday at noon (GMT +8)!

And one thing – I wish that these webcomics (including have search functions so I can look for a particular storyline or character! I was looking for an adoption storyline in SomethingPositive and short of going through page by page there’s nearly no way to find it. Maybe there is but I’m just too stupid!

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Was just talking to an ex-colleague over MSN today, and somehow Love and Marriage and Weddings came up. I’m old school and idealistic when it comes to love. I don’t care how you view it, but I always feel that the bible held the definition of love. All those other feelings of jealousy, control (BGR control is not love, curfews are another thing!), etc, those don’t come from love: it comes from us and because it’s occurs with the ones we love, we tag it to love. Love comes in many forms – parental, BGR, friendship…

It’s not impossible, but it’s not that easy. Even if we fail, we should strive towards it.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails…

1 Cor 13:4~8

blondie 14022007: it ain’t about the roses.

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Horrible F1 Accident

I don’t usually care for F1 – to me, it’s something stupid and obstructive. But when I saw this photo, I thought, oh how horrible! Continue reading

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xiaxue advertises?

This is kinda old (match it to moby sky‘s entry) but I guess I forgot about it lying in my folders. Anyway, I think if he found out he might be puking with disgust. I find it funny though.

so… xx advertises! hmmm

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twiddling my thumbs

I’m sitting in the office waiting for Monkey to knock off. The poor boy’s mum had already left him out of the dinner tonight, since we originally had plans with xt, who made plans with her honey without cancelling on me (for a while I thought I was going to be part of the action, gasp, no!) and I had to sms her to confirm.

I blundered quite badly at the meeting just now, stuttering every other word, trying to force my brain to obey. I could have gone home to sleep, but I owed a colleague a quotation (which I could have done at Mac, next to the meeting place and then go home) and I was tempted by the thought that I needn’t lug my laptop around.

So my brother’s going to come home to a less-than-neat place, and I forgot to tell him to help me buy Krispy Kreme because I wanted to surprise a little chilli padi that has been stressed out at work, but wow, guess this birdbrain didn’t remember, argh. My dad’s going China again, but I doubt if he’ll go to HK just to buy this.

I am so tired, I can’t really do any work or any serious thinking. I’m just aimlessly surfing around hoping to stay awake then have dinner and then go home – not that I mind just collapsing in bed and waking up hungry tomorrow. And you know what the irony would be?

Yep, if I kenna insomnia later again. What fun!

Update – after giving up going home at 5pm to come back to do that one quotation and have dinner with Monkey, Monkey just called me to cancel dinner because he has to work late.

no, this is the irony.

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getting it over and done with

Lucky for me, my meeting later would be a simple and hopefully price-negotiation fuelled discussion and not so technical in terms of HR, requirements and IT. I can’t drink any coffee now, cos then tonight I won’t be able to sleep either. I am a semi zombie, unable to do much constructive work with request for quotations and my own lack of sales pounding me.

I am a zombie.

I can’t wait for my meeting at 4 later, so that after that, I’ll just leave for home and nap. I’ll walk past the mess, and straight into my room, switch on the aircon and ignore everything and nap. I just hope that it wouldn’t trigger more insomnia though!

Talk about the irony.

I’m supposed to meet Monkey after work though. Ah well.

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yet another story

an insomnia story, that is. Light flickering on a plastic box with random images are entertaining me now.

from Boston Legal Season 1 Denny Crane: You left me! For a secretary?!
Shirley Schmidt: It was the Secretary of Defense!
Denny Crane: Still a secretary. I’ve got an image to upkeep.

It’s 5am and I’m awake. Yay! And my brother is coming back tomorrow night means I’ve got to clean the house before he reaches home. I spent like 20 mins preparing for my meeting tomorrow (which will turn to mush since I won’t have enough sleep) and the rest of the time stoning out on the recliner, the norm for the past month, with the Friends Season Two on. I think my bills are flying up again. I seem to be relying on the tv and the living room again. At least when my brother is back I slink back to my room, which isn’t a bad thing. Sleeping, however, is another matter altogether though.

I am guess either I won’t sleep at all tonight or I might nap for an hour or two. I am quite tired but not sleepy. Whoopee.

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