give me this

Since everyone’s doing it, ah well, no harm sharing what I lust, pine and long for, ya?

1) Anime of Doctor Black Jack. I caught a few episodes on Animax, and I am hooked.

2) A part time maid, weekly to help me manage the house. Help! I’m spending all my free time cleaning up!

3) a pillow. really. I don’t have any at the moment. got from my mum

4) a sofa besides my own apartment. HURHURHUR

5) Rivermaya CD. They are good!

6) I want to watch the Phantom of the Opera! too late

7) Concave Scream’s CDs

8) Les Miserables’ all 4 versions on CD (and any others that I’ve missed out)

>>Original London Cast
>>Complete Symphonic Recording
>>Original Broadway Cast
>>10th Anniversary Concert (and there’s the Video as well, although it’s concert based and not stage based)

2 Responses to give me this

  1. starmist says:

    is your place that messy? i like cleaning up!! (but i’m scared of cats)

  2. ishy says:

    oh i said i wanted to help but havent huh.

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