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I hate sales meetings

I would like to stab myself and fade into the dingy blue carpet when I see my numbers, especially next to my sales managers’. My colleagues have asked if the sector was that bad. I hate this shite. I love … Continue reading

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getting it over and done with

Lucky for me, my meeting later would be a simple and hopefully price-negotiation fuelled discussion and not so technical in terms of HR, requirements and IT. I can’t drink any coffee now, cos then tonight I won’t be able to … Continue reading

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yet another story

an insomnia story, that is. Light flickering on a plastic box with random images are entertaining me now. from Boston Legal Season 1 Denny Crane: You left me! For a secretary?! Shirley Schmidt: It was the Secretary of Defense! Denny … Continue reading

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abso-fucking-lutely miserable

I would be a workaholic, if I was able to. I was one when I was in the F&B. But I was never stressed at work. Seriously. I love to work and I’m always happy to be tired and busy. … Continue reading

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ah hia you bloody head

Dear Uncle Colleague (not to be confused to with this colleague), domestic abuse: destructive relationships I am aware that you are a old bird in my company and you have the friendship of our boss. Not that it’s important when … Continue reading

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blue bird

Because of Kenny‘s post, I am reminded of this rather funny incident in my office. My colleague, an Indian-National-turned-Singapore-PR-who-married-a-chinese-girl (INTSPRWMCG) was listening to a MrBrown podcast, suddenly uttered this word: lan jiao Another colleague (AC) and I looked at him … Continue reading

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Dear Colleague

I appreciate your help over the months. In fact, without you, I might not have made any headway at all. I’m sorry that I seem to PMS with you, but I really do not want to tell you that your calling … Continue reading

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I’m taking a fiver before I clean my house. I just reached home, like, 10 minutes ago, because the sister is flying back tomorrow and she demanded I sing karaoke with her. I am nice and sweet to my family … Continue reading

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I am so farking screwed. I forgot to send this really really important document to my colleague. I’m not going to open my email. Besides that, the work that should have been done and submitted to another colleague for view … Continue reading

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woke up at 5.45 to do work, except the itch is back! I cannot wait to finish springcleaning later. (*&^%$#$%^&*( damn itchy can? like got a lot of bites over my body. boy, am I in a grouchy mood now. not enough sleep and scratching all over my body, not to say the cats are at it again. let me finish this paperwork and I’ll be a bird!

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