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As You hung there and died, You were paying the price of my life. It’s 29000 now. Saying it could be 50000. Life is fast, flickering and death never stops moving. If you’re lucky, you have a warning. If not.. like this. 29000 just gone. I’m not expecting everyone to have their heads … Continue reading

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Surrender More than 20000 dead now, 11000 in Sri Lanka alone. The horrific slap it delivers to me has rendered me speechless, with a bitter and sour taste in the mouth. I have no idea what to say. A few … Continue reading

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When the world falls apart and you fear for your heart, there’s a tower of peace and it’s still the Cross.

Sorry for starting on such a sombre note. At least 11500 confirmed dead in the tidal waves caused by the earthquake off Sumatra. Penang, Indonesia, India and Thailand are just some of the countries affected. When catastrophies happen this sudden … Continue reading

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