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Les Miserables

I have been whining about going to Phantom. I can barely tolerate missing it, but I will give an arm and a leg to watch Les Miserables if they do come to Singapore. Heck, I’ll even starve myself if needed. … Continue reading

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smoke gets in your eyes

another event that I have to skip because it’s a luxury.. =( anyways from 2Mar onwards, no more taxi (unless for work and hence claimable) unless it’s after 11.30pm. I stopped the diet for Feb because it’s really hard since … Continue reading

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phantom of the opera

5 years ago, Miss Saigon came to town. I couldn’t catch it – I was too broke, plus, got no kaki. Now, I want to catch The Phantom of the Opera, and I can’t wait… except I’m broke too. =(

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the calm before the storm

I desperately want to watch this. Anyone wanna bring me? Anyways I’m going for the meeting in 2.5 hours. It’ll be fantastically fun, the way that it’s fun to watch a bird’s neck get snapped.

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