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and what did I do?

I’ve got friends who love to use emoticons to replace words in MSN Messenger. So instead of “NORMAL” I get a little girl shaking her head and RMAL. Hence I disable custom emoticons. And somehow, after a long while since … Continue reading

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someone stretch my weekend please

I had a semi-great Friday. I woke up at 6.45am, went blading, went to work early. Then, the rest of the day, well, I wouldn’t say downhill, but I wouldn’t say enjoyable. Friday night was pleasant, with dinner with Supanova and … Continue reading

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I cannot help you like that…

… when you moan on how lonely V Day is for you, and then complain and complain, being pitiful and pathetic… and when I ask you out, you flat out reject me. Other people ask you out, kenna rejected.  Go … Continue reading

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