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I need a drink.

I also need a shoulder. Would you give me one?

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Protected: tears

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Protected: if that’s what you want, I’ll go away

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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bits/pieces #03

I always had this weird liking for reading while eating. In fact, I’ve been lectured many times because it’s deemed very rude. So it’s quite lucky that Monkey also likes to do that! We’re quite a sight, actually. I’ll go … Continue reading

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look, you’re bleeding

For some reason, everytime I hear that familiar melody coming from his blog I am comforted. Perhaps knowing that his words always bring an understanding to me, my mind calms down. And when I’m calm… I think clearly. God speaks … Continue reading

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Breasts are easier to spot

This conversation took place during working hours. someone: i think im moving on from a breast person to a leggy person me: hmm someone: i used to be an eye person leh me: uh huh someone: then i figured out breasts are easier to spot … Continue reading

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fried rice paradise

I was just updating my CRM for my company, when I realised that it’s been nearly 2 months (25th Jan!) since I bought Fried Rice for someone at his office after work. I haven’t done something like that for a … Continue reading

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The 17th of March flew by without much occasion, besides the subtle aching for a friend gone too early, and the compassion felt for another’s pain for the said gone friend. Every month’s 17th would have her in a semi-daze, … Continue reading

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*smack head* #945034

From someone who works at China Square, eats at Golden Shoe, met me at OCBC Chulia Street Burger King… Me: Eh, you want to have lunch or not? Him: Ok where? Me: Raffles Place Him: Where is Raffles Place?               … Continue reading

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bits/pieces #02

I went for lunch with LP on Thursday, and I shared a bit of his soup (just a sip, actually). After lunch I felt a bit of soreness coming up in my throat (he’s still sick), and I smsed Monkey … Continue reading

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