weather’s too hot? Cool yourself off. So the recent heatwave has caught up on you?The crazy rain/sunshine/rain/sunshine has made you sick?

This is the environmental effects they warned us about 10 years ago taking effect now. Like you, I can’t live without my TV set, my air-conditioning, my million-and-one-gadgets-that-I-absolutely-need. But this is very real. Seriously real. And it’s happening within our lifetime.

So switch off the lights at night. Read a book next to a lamp instead of letting your widescreen tv drone on. Go play real tennis instead of playing tennis on your Wii. Walk instead of taking a cab. Switch off all your lights at night. Do you really need to leave your PC on the whole night? Even bit counts. You don’t have to go so extreme, not now, though it’ll be good.

Do something everyday – recycle your unwanted goods/buy 2nd hand stuff if you can (thus eliminating waste) or use a tote for grocery shopping or make your own notebook from scrap-paper (fun to do with kids!).

Me? I’ve stopped using the air-conditioning, stopped leaving the TV on while I sleep, switched off the main power of the TV/DVD section when I’m out, rollerblade and going for a stroll at night (for at least half an hour) instead of playing games on my laptop. I use my bathwater to rinse my bathroom and the laundry water to clean the pantry where my cats’ litters are. I can’t quit my CSI addiction, but at least I’ll minimize the TV usage to when I am actually using it. And when I move, I’ll try to get the most efficient refrigerator.

Every little bit helps. What’s yours?

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