now this is good support

good bra support
I didn’t mean this kind of support

apparently I put a reminder in Monkey’s phone (that I obviously don’t remember about). I didn’t even notice that today was the 14th, but that silly boy remembered.

I was struck by lust of the industry again, and I put the question forth to him. Now, I asked my buddies the same thing and they mostly logically dissuaded me from going back. I half expected Monkey to say the same thing too, but his answer…

Why not? I’ll support you.

…told me that I made the right choice 3 months ago.

Thanks, baby.

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3 Responses to now this is good support

  1. Jf says:

    well.. every job has its up & Down times.. just be thankful that we still have jobs…

    And a good BF along with that… lolx.

  2. sylvy says:

    you quit?? yay!! ( i hope this is the response u were expecting).

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