I need friends like that

Anyone? Just kidding… not really.

Anyway, it’s going to be the birthdays of 3 of the men that I adore and love, mainly my Brother (no Man U jersey for you this year – I’ve run out of ideas and the Man U store closed), Mr LamPa, and my buddy Supanova. Their birthdays are one after another, each in a week.

It’ll be fun – LP just had his groin poked, Supanova has his papers starting on the 18th, and there is rife speculation whether my brother’s girlfriend would officially become my 大嫂 soon.

confusing voice
qc – I should try this sometime

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3 Responses to I need friends like that

  1. Monkey says:



  2. J says:

    Hmm, but your voice is always sexy, babe..

    I must swear to never use this for evil

  3. luvphobia says:

    yeaaa!! IM STILL ALIVE!!!

    +i won moolahs at mahjong!!
    +i got choc cupcakes!!
    +i got a hot date!!

    thanks (as long as my tongue) much!!!!!!

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