you got to respect people

A neighbour of mine was screaming at her maid yesterday, because the maid did something quite stupid. She “ran out of hands” carrying the stuff and didn’t know how to open the door for the “mam” who wanted to get the baby out of the back seat. The words seem harmless if you’re ribbing a very close friend, like what I have with my friends, but I’m sure that was not what she meant, and the tone was way too harsh.

You stupid is it? Left your brain in Indonesia is it?

All the way the maid was grinning sheepishly, and if the woman had a free hand I am sure that she would have started poking the maid’s forehead. Then the woman turned to the infant in her arms and started cooing.

I am very thankful my parents taught me better by example when we had maids (they are people, not commodities or things that we use to get by – being a maid is her occupation, not her identity). I have very little respect for people who treat their maids less than that.

People like that, she can be the CEO of Microsoft for all I care, and I will still have very little respect for her.

You got to treat people like people, no matter their occupation, race, colour, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, etc. You got to treat people like people.

you can’t photoshop a personality
you can’t photoshop a personality – ds

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