6 things, again

Cindy tagged me, and because she’s such a sweetie I’ll just bore you guys again.

1) I bathe with my door open when I am alone. Which is pretty often.

2) I can starve myself if I want to. Which is good if I decide to be an anorexic, but I see no fun in that. Besides, I rather tone myself than go to the Kate Moss way. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to cook/forage for food/eat.

[I forgot what comic this was]

3) This happens to me:

…more often that you think. The food container problem, not the clothes problem [cathy.com]

4) Since we’re using pictures, this also happens to me quite often, just that it’s the aircon instead of the electric blanket.


5) I’m horrible at housekeeping. When it comes to laundry, I don’t really bother to separate them. And I rewear my clothes just as long as they don’t stink. I’ve been told that I wash like a bachelor. Well… if it works, why not?

stink and non-stink – that’s the way to go.

6) I don’t care for Britney. Not at all. A little sad what happened to her, but it doesn’t rock my world. She needs help. Plus, her music, to me, ain’t really music.
underwear is healthy

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  1. eStee says:

    Hi babe:

    Want Joost, give me your email ok? Send me at teo.estee@gmail.com

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