will they get it on, or not?

I am getting intrigued by the newest story line (#868 onwards) at QC. I was a little dismayed that Angus (or the AskingForIt Guy, or the Argument Guy) was getting something from Faye, but well, as sitcoms go, we can all predict the ending. They drew him a little different – almost kinda and not so jerk-looking this time.

But very, very interesting though. Immensely interesting. Can’t wait for the next episode everyday at noon (GMT +8)!

And one thing – I wish that these webcomics (including SomethingPositive.net) have search functions so I can look for a particular storyline or character! I was looking for an adoption storyline in SomethingPositive and short of going through page by page there’s nearly no way to find it. Maybe there is but I’m just too stupid!

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    Hey there, you are tagged. Hope you don’t mind.

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