yet another story

an insomnia story, that is. Light flickering on a plastic box with random images are entertaining me now.

from Boston Legal Season 1 Denny Crane: You left me! For a secretary?!
Shirley Schmidt: It was the Secretary of Defense!
Denny Crane: Still a secretary. I’ve got an image to upkeep.

It’s 5am and I’m awake. Yay! And my brother is coming back tomorrow night means I’ve got to clean the house before he reaches home. I spent like 20 mins preparing for my meeting tomorrow (which will turn to mush since I won’t have enough sleep) and the rest of the time stoning out on the recliner, the norm for the past month, with the Friends Season Two on. I think my bills are flying up again. I seem to be relying on the tv and the living room again. At least when my brother is back I slink back to my room, which isn’t a bad thing. Sleeping, however, is another matter altogether though.

I am guess either I won’t sleep at all tonight or I might nap for an hour or two. I am quite tired but not sleepy. Whoopee.

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One Response to yet another story

  1. Qiaoyun says:

    I was awake at 5am too. Got awoken by someone trying to steal my blanket, then couldn’t sleep. Only slept for like 3 hours. =(

    Now it’s 3:42pm and I’m damn sleepy, but I can’t go to sleep! Zzzz….

    how evil of him! Stole my QY’s blankie!! *rolls up sleeve* first refuse her a Wii, and now, this?! grrrrr… pull the blankie away from him tonight and put the fan facing his naked ass. ;p

    then sabotage his PS3

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