getting it over and done with

Lucky for me, my meeting later would be a simple and hopefully price-negotiation fuelled discussion and not so technical in terms of HR, requirements and IT. I can’t drink any coffee now, cos then tonight I won’t be able to sleep either. I am a semi zombie, unable to do much constructive work with request for quotations and my own lack of sales pounding me.

I am a zombie.

I can’t wait for my meeting at 4 later, so that after that, I’ll just leave for home and nap. I’ll walk past the mess, and straight into my room, switch on the aircon and ignore everything and nap. I just hope that it wouldn’t trigger more insomnia though!

Talk about the irony.

I’m supposed to meet Monkey after work though. Ah well.

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  1. icewalker says:

    that pic’s like damn pun intended against MJ

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