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fact about being sick #902432

(at least this illness, or “flu”) I get breathless eating pieces of apple. well, at least I don’t have phantom fur up my nose. There’s thunder and lightning now, I hope my cats don’t go too crazy and run over … Continue reading

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the adventures of the nose-itched woman

1331: I am still sick. Chest hurts. Last night my left side worked up again, and I was grappled with fear. Luckily I did not get any panic attack. Back from the doctor’s today morning, I deduced that my house … Continue reading

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I just want to go out and play

I hate being sick. It’s been 3 weeks and I’m still not well, though the illnesses have changed. I’m up so early because I fell asleep in the living room again (does not bode well) and my cat wanted to … Continue reading

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please wear a belt

modernburrow gives good tips for the fashion problematic. Also the other day I used the toilet, and it smelt like cheap cologne. I assumed that it was the deodorant used by the cleaning company. It turned out to be the … Continue reading

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starwars, summarised

George Lucas would have turned in his grave if he was dead. 6 episodes and all r3gular remembers is: Darth Vader: WA SI LIN LAO PEH Luke: BO KO LENG~! BO KO LENG~~~~~ [this should be funny: hokkien starwars] courtesy … Continue reading

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it’s like pointing out a botak in a BMT camp

Monkey was pointing out to me his friend who was working in the GoldHeart store. There were a few staff inside assisting potential customers on that weekend evening. “There, he’s inside there.” “Which one?” “The one at the side.” “The one … Continue reading

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After feeling sick last week and getting prescribed antibiotics (which I hate), and aside from my usual I-wanna-puke problem (happens every two to three months), I feel fine now. As in, my tiredness comes from the fact that my GAD … Continue reading

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abso-fucking-lutely miserable

I would be a workaholic, if I was able to. I was one when I was in the F&B. But I was never stressed at work. Seriously. I love to work and I’m always happy to be tired and busy. … Continue reading

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I’m hot.

it’s 13:49. I just forced down a big cup of iced water to cool myself and the fan is blowing in my face. I’m frustrated with all the heat trapped inside despite of the , and I dream of a … Continue reading

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bits/pieces #03

I always had this weird liking for reading while eating. In fact, I’ve been lectured many times because it’s deemed very rude. So it’s quite lucky that Monkey also likes to do that! We’re quite a sight, actually. I’ll go … Continue reading

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