can you draw the lines

Let’s not talk about how my hands are tingling again, or how my upper lip is burning for some reason, or even the general lousy feeling.

I am even try to forget the fact that my chest hurt in general when I was out with Monkey today, to the point of being distracted. Poor boy. My chest hurt when I was breathing, not even when I was coughing. I was feeling really lousy. I think the 1 hour of stifling my cough and trying to not wheeze did more damage then it seemed to, not that I can imagine why.

I’m just pissed off at the return of the breathing thing and a damned recurring pain in my left chest. And I can’t go to sleep like that because it’ll probably trigger my fear of not waking up in the last minutes before I manage to sleep. Not that not sleeping helps – it’s one big bloody cycle again.

shite. It’s all connected.

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