moan moan groan groan grumble

so I thought I was well enough to go out for dinner (because all I’ve been eating is bread for the whole day – I nearly finished the bloody loaf). On the way there I was hit by breathlessness, and a mild, annoying and rather consistent headache.

I stopped the runny nose medication because well, I haven’t had it for a while. Now it’s dripping, I’m hot (really hot, like menopausal flushing), I need to iron my clothes, I just swept the house, I just cleaned the litter, I stink, I hate it when I start asking “how come got cat pee smell?”, etc etc

groan. I need to wash dishes. Iron. Wash. What ever happened to recuperate? Me thinks I have to ask the part time maid here again, but then if I do, there goes any luxury item for me this month.

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