Monkey is my pick-me-up

Monkey has been very sweet these couple of days when I’ve been sick. He came over from work on Wednesday to get me some groceries and wash my dishes, and last night just to bring me out to buy bread and help me rub some medicated oil on my tummy.

He’s also going to be running some errands for me tonight, buying some stuff since I can’t go out and also getting me some stuff.

I have no idea why my tummy’s giving me trouble. Hopefully it’s only the side effects of the stupid medication. I hope it stops. If not I have to take more medication. At least my cough and runny nose/phelgm has stopped.

Day time television is quite ok before 9am. Ironic huh? I just watched Cheers and Friends. Then it’s Oprah and Glad I still have my comics!

Well, it’s time to eat Nutella sandwiches!

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2 Responses to Monkey is my pick-me-up

  1. AH9 says:

    Feeling better? Get well soon!

    how come he now called Monkey? kaka

  2. cindy says:

    i love the comic!

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