bits/pieces #03

I always had this weird liking for reading while eating. In fact, I’ve been lectured many times because it’s deemed very rude. So it’s quite lucky that Monkey also likes to do that! We’re quite a sight, actually. I’ll go all the way down to Suntec from Jurong to meet him for dinner and we’ll be eating at Macs, two of us reading our own materials.

luann – “but magazines are a book!”

I have had an exciting week. Dinner with S (Methodist) on Monday with Starbucks with him and Supanova (raised a Catholic and now a Protestant after that, discussing stuff like the right pay for a pastor to how evolution and religion should or should not co-exist before Supanova sent us all back. Needless to say, the conversation was quite interesting! Tuesday saw me having drinks with my ex-client. The exchange ranged from the pay increment in Ministers’ pay, his son (he has 2 teenagers) who is turning 18, and some advise from the 22 year sales veteran.

People say that sales people need to be good talkers. I tell you, you don’t use your mouth. If you need to use your mouth, you’re doomed. A sales person needs 3 things: Ears, Eyes and Hands. Ears, because you need to listen to what they are saying; Eyes, because you need to see what they need; Hands, because you need to really carry out the tasks you have to do.

The excitment carried on on Wednesday – having dinner with xt and mandrake is never a simple affair. Not when we laugh so hard we can’t digest our food, food becomes sexual impressions, and coke goes out of my nose. Not pleasant at all. Hurhurhur. Thursday was meant for Badminton with Supanova, but we realised that we didn’t have the racquets way too late and went for a sinful dinner at Holland Village’s Katong Laksa instead. As usual we managed to over-order (or me, actually) and Friday was K-dinner night with the MS gang and Sat afternoon we went back to the same place for K-lunch with his friends.

K Box sucks. But that’s another rant for another time.

We had a Rendezvous with xt, mandrake, joelle and vainpot at Pasir Panjang Food Centre (no it’s not closed) in the evening. We are definitely going back again to eat at Lucky! Huat ah! And not at that stall you see above. this place absolutely… SUCKS. Ask any of us who went. Go Lucky instead! Huat ah! The seafood was fresh but none of the fresh seafood was served to us. At all. Down to the single clam. 

Fantastic week. ;) Makes up for the part-time maid smsing me “if want to do your house ironing must increase price”. But that’s another story for another time.

Ok. Whooping long post. Oh no, I am in danger of being one of those “what-I-did-on-Monday-and-Tuesday-and-Wednesday-etc” bloggers!

wait… I just did that. Oh man, I will never be able to win a Magic Pony Award!

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  1. luvphobia says:

    eh simi vainpot?

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