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perks of staying up late

One of the perks of staying up late (insomnia strikes again. I am so going to be a zombie later at work) is that you get to watch shows that you usually can’t catch, courtesy of the very repetitive cable … Continue reading

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can you draw the lines

Let’s not talk about how my hands are tingling again, or how my upper lip is burning for some reason, or even the general lousy feeling. I am even try to forget the fact that my chest hurt in general … Continue reading

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moan moan groan groan grumble

so I thought I was well enough to go out for dinner (because all I’ve been eating is bread for the whole day – I nearly finished the bloody loaf). On the way there I was hit by breathlessness, and … Continue reading

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friday night…

… is spent sleeping, or rather, trying to sleep. Grrrr. Hot hot hot hot hot!

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overwhelming. need to go back. soon. now. argh.

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Monkey is my pick-me-up

Monkey has been very sweet these couple of days when I’ve been sick. He came over from work on Wednesday to get me some groceries and wash my dishes, and last night just to bring me out to buy bread … Continue reading

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my medicine is killing me

I am allergic to Penicillin,  so I am always given a substitute antibiotic instead. However, I am a medication hating person, meaning I’ll only take it when I buay tahan. So because of a previous UTI scare, I am faithful … Continue reading

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download free music

Because next Tuesday is a public holiday, I’ll have more time to burn this weekend (instead of having to do my chores, etc). I’ll be downloading free local music from this website. Woohoo I love local indie music! If there … Continue reading

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He called me yesterday, asking about the flat. “I’ll help you manage the payments, you know. This is what you want, isn’t it?” I do have my dream within my fingertips, only if that’s the way I want it. I … Continue reading

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fact about being sick #9834579

I am cranky and very whiney when I am sick. My chest hurts. I don’t even dare to cough. I am getting worse. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

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