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I saw this off 9‘s blog. I remember I chose very very casually, so I was kind of surprised when the results were not off the mark. I wouldn’t say it was totally accurate, but let’s live it at there’s some … Continue reading

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what are the odds that aftering listening to a concert version of ”有你的将来” from May Day, with the Zen Micro on shuffle, the next song was “有你的将来” from their album? I really love May Day, but I guess I’m one of … Continue reading

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*smack head* #945034

From someone who works at China Square, eats at Golden Shoe, met me at OCBC Chulia Street Burger King… Me: Eh, you want to have lunch or not? Him: Ok where? Me: Raffles Place Him: Where is Raffles Place?               … Continue reading

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Can you guess?

uI’m calling a certain someone HB now… and it doesn’t stand for Hubby!!! Gawd, no. Can you guess what it means? (Yes it’s in English. Hint: it’s 2 words) (I got a feeling that his friends are not going to … Continue reading

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katong laksa

On saturday morning, I was craving for Katong Laksa. So I called Supanova and since he managed to get the car for the day, we headed down to Katong. When we finally managed to find the place, and parked, we … Continue reading

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我喜欢在雨里亲吻, 不是因为浪漫, 而是因为雨会变成隔音: 把我所有怕的、担心的、忧愁的, 全都隔离掉。 你会多了解我的每一天, 我为什么抽烟、大便、吃饭? 我所做的一切是为什么? 你可能会知道关于我的东西 但  你永远不会知道我

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Protected: I can feel it in my bones

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Dear God

I have been good. Just now, the taxi driver gave me an extra ten bucks as change and I chased his taxi to return him that. I felt pretty good about that that I was honest. Not that it is … Continue reading

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bits/pieces #02

I went for lunch with LP on Thursday, and I shared a bit of his soup (just a sip, actually). After lunch I felt a bit of soreness coming up in my throat (he’s still sick), and I smsed Monkey … Continue reading

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I had a very scary nightmare. I woke up, knowing I was still safe in my house with the others playing mahjong outside. No one was interested in my dream with mahjong in front of them. Playing the game helped … Continue reading

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