random angry post

I am angry.

I am angry for a few reasons.

I am angry because of the chances I’ve missed.

I am angry because of the pain I’ve received.

I am angry because of the pain that has been inflicted on the ones I love.

I am angry at the world’s mess.

I am angry that as I fuss over a $19.90 haircut, there are people out there selling their hair, blood and body to buy one more meal.

I am angry because no matter what I do, it is not enough. Whether it matters to me or not is another thing altogether.

I am angry because hate exists. Especially because I have it.

I am angry because anger exists. Especially in me.

I am angry because I do not have the guts to physically maim people that totally deserve it.

I am angry because people back stab people.

I am angry because people back stab people again after being forgiven the first time round.

I am angry because of the lies and deceit that rule our lives.

I am angry because a beautiful religion gets distorted for some unknown reason and people die because of it.

I am angry because while some pets get organic food and expensive grooming, some animals and some children (not that they are in the same category) starve and are abused.

I am angry because some idiots on this island do not believe that poverty exists.

I am angry because some people on this rich island die because they cannot afford simple operations.

I am angry because while some of the youth around the world moan that they are poor (after buying that PSP), some youth miss out on an education, a job and a life.

I am mostly angry.


I am thankful.

I am thankful for how far we’ve come.

I am thankful for how much love that has been spread (regardless of the spread of hate).

I am thankful for all that I have.

I am thankful for the clothes on my back, the cellphone in my hand, the laptop I use, the friends that I love, the family that I live with and more.

I am thankful for God’s direction in my life, whether I obey that or not is another matter.

I am mostly angry, but I am very thankful. We are not perfect, that I know. But because we know we are not, we should strive towards it…

No more hunger, no more pain, no more ignorance, no more abuse, no more hate, no more racism, no more sexism, no more nationalism (not to be confused with patriotism), no more religious extremity, no more distorting the truth!

No more, please. We need more love.

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5 Responses to random angry post

  1. eStee says:

    Yup, we need more love… :)

  2. starmist says:

    why so much angst? =/

  3. Its a good thing your anger does subside after some time :)

  4. cake says:

    you sound so much like me it’s creepy..

  5. cake says:

    er just in case my comment is misunderstood, i don’t mean plagiarism or anything of the same.

    more like same idea, same anger and same gratefulness.

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