heap of receipts

That’s what’s left of the weekend.. headache tracking expenses aside, the weekend had been special, at least to what was planned. Thanks Monkey!

“So how was the weekend?”
“Like a dream.”

trivia on the weekend:

  • I had ice-cream twice on Saturday! Mint chocolate chip with bread on the roadside is doubly fantastic with my best friend next to me, and Teh-Tarik ice-cream kept me up all night (sort of)
  • bYSI had a sale. Bought a great top for SGD 13. Little else entertained me there, and mostly were out of my size.
  • Had my first full-body scrub. I left the place feeling smooth, and the blackheads on my back were mostly gone (so said Monkey). Therapist commented on how long my waist was, and that I had huge bones (while poking my ribs).
  • Singapore’s hotels haven’t caught on how free broadband in rooms make it much more value-added (unlike this Boulevard Hotel in KL, where Jasmine is). Where we were, it was for SGD 20 the whole day or SGD 0.50 for a minute.
  • You can tune the air-conditioning to 5 degree celcius!
  • We thought we saw Miyagi… couldn’t confirm though.
  • There are no good programmes on television on Sunday mornings.
  • Baths in bathtubs can make one woozy… seriously.
  • I read comic books really really fast.
  • Alcohol makes me seriously frisky.
  • I had a panic attack on Saturday night, resulting from a very realistic and bad dream. I woke up with fear rising in my mouth, cursing that I didn’t bring my medication (which I did), and thank God that tiredness took over.
  • My cats didn’t miss me that much! *pout*

it’s not a compliment, it’s a transaction

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2 Responses to heap of receipts

  1. Mr Miyagi says:

    Where did you see Miyagi? I couldn’t find myself either.

  2. ah9 says:

    guest appearance huh.

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