fried rice paradise

I was just updating my CRM for my company, when I realised that it’s been nearly 2 months (25th Jan!) since I bought Fried Rice for someone at his office after work. I haven’t done something like that for a long time then, and it was quite fun haha.

Being able to surprise my friends and make them happy – that’s a small joy I hold. That’s why I try to put in a tad more effort with birthday presents (if not, normally just ask them what they want) to get something that they will find useful or delighted about. The salesperson at the jewellery shop yesterday (as I was buying chuwen‘s present) mentioned, “aww how sweet! Normally it’s the guys that do this for their girlfriends” when I started guffawing and had to explain to them who it was for and that I did this for most of my friends… just rarely with jewellery. In fact, that’s the first time I bought jewellery for a guy. I have seen it all now. *laugh*

I like to give people things, whether it’s something small and just to be nice, or something significant for an occasion… because I remember when I do receive such small gifts (like earrings out of the blue from a little chili padi), I am really really speechless (for once) and am surprised that someone would think of me like that.

A friend was mentioning to me that her colleague bought her a pack of breakfast out of the blue and left it at her desk because she was late. She was surprised and really touched. That’s what I mean. Sometimes… giving is not for the person you give to, but for yourself too. Knowing that that little something makes a little difference for at least 10 mins to someone makes my day.

Gifts that I give are not meant to be reciprocated, but if you do, you’ll be sure I’ll be thankful – not for the gift, but for the thought.

When was the last time you gave someone something? A ring, a book, a packet of food? Go on, make someone’s day. =)

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  1. cindy says:

    Alamak. Now I feel like eating chicken rice. -_-”

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