*smack head* #945034

From someone who works at China Square, eats at Golden Shoe, met me at OCBC Chulia Street Burger King…

Me: Eh, you want to have lunch or not?
Him: Ok where?
Me: Raffles Place
Him: Where is Raffles Place?


Him: Oh.

Seriously. I hope the stupidity is not contagious.


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5 Responses to *smack head* #945034

  1. Rachel says:

    Bwahahahahahaa he’s so gonna kill you.

    Lunch with the TP group next Tuesday?

  2. luvphobia says:


    i was pre-occupied with the brewing trouble at Mumbai office hokay!~!~!~

  3. Oh! So now we know who ‘he’ was! Erm… his link doesn’t seem to work. Another evidence that he is… preoccupied?

    New quote of the week,”I’m not stupid! I’m preoccupied!”. Heh. :)


  4. Lex says:

    cobaltpaladin: wrong guess. that’s not HB

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