bits/pieces #02

I went for lunch with LP on Thursday, and I shared a bit of his soup (just a sip, actually). After lunch I felt a bit of soreness coming up in my throat (he’s still sick), and I smsed Monkey that I think I got LP’s virus. His reply:

You mean acting cute?


I just finished my last ciggie from that pack I bought in Singapore yesterday. Somehow, as it burned shorter and shorter, I grew desperately nostalgic.

on a claire day

I don’t understand my mum’s point. There’s no space at home per se, we are getting along so much better, and she wants to use money as a point – which I rarely ask for. In fact, of the 3 of us, I have needed the least money from them in the last 2 years. To make it worse, my sister’s like her. A gift means I get to keep it, not that I owe her something. If that’s the point, don’t say it’s a gift!

My mother can make my innocuous request for lunch with her into something that is totally not. I don’t know why I keep trying – I try to earn my keep, I try to keep contact, I run errands for them, and still I’m beneath the others. Fuck.

I need a fag.

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2 Responses to bits/pieces #02

  1. Monkey says:

    U don’t need a fag. :P

  2. cindy says:

    I love the comic!

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