men who spoil market

I have a lot of guy friends, and boyfriend-treating-girlfriend wise, they range from the usual “the most important things to me are my car and my girlfriend (car comes first)” to the “arrange flower petals with candles around her bed so can wish her a sweet happy birthday at 12mn” kind.

but then there are the occasional spoil market korean-weepie-drama kind of guys, that really really really, well, make women sigh and men curse when we read about what they did. Here are a few examples:

One colleague saw Big and me at Starbucks when he bought noodles for me from his place, and raved about how sweet he was to buy noodles for me all the way from his office, which isn’t very near mine. News spread like wildfire throughout the department and now with the BIG bouquet of white roses sitting prettily in my office and duly wowed over by the colleagues, Big is now officially known as the “sweetest boyfriend a girl can have”. Heh.

Read it and weep!

So I want YOU to follow this pic: (and don’t think I is cannot see your drooling mouth)

Read this and weep!

This is a good thing. Women have waited all their brief miserable lives for men like me.

  1. Will you bring my mom to the dentist? – Yes
  2. Can you lick me down there? – Yes
  3. Harder – Yes
  4. Faster – Yes
  5. Right there, right there – Yes

Ya la, I blogged about this just now la.

And the final one is this one with her birthday present in 4 installments!

At about 12.40am, ‘Good Fren’ turned up at my gate and passed me the final instalment!! I realised all 4 gifts were stuff I have seen and commented on earlier. And he was quite smug about getting them and arranging them in order of ascending surprise levels. Couldn’t wait till dinner to pass me the 4th instalment.

So these are but a few.. (can remember, cannot find the blog entry hahaha)

Of course you have the other extreme.. all sorts of people

but that’s a story for another time.

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4 Responses to men who spoil market

  1. starmist says:

    hee.. there is also someone else who spoil market.. *goofy grin on face* =P

    you mean like someone who stays in the north but willing to send people home all the way to the west? Or something like that?

  2. luvphobia says:

    wait till you all hear about MY story.

  3. starmist says:

    err.. i mean like someone who.. erm. ok. nevermind. haha.

  4. no2slack says:

    i the 4th kind > like to scold and beat my girlfriends, make them do this do that, control them and treat them like maids…

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