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it’s 12.30am. I’m absolutely fucking good at making myself miserable. glad to know I haven’t lost my touch. misery needs talent I’ve finished washing my pantry. But for some reason there’s cat pee/shit smell lingering in the air. I’ve gone … Continue reading

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I don’t know why I am so tired. I am staying home on a friday night waiting for a CD to arrive via FedEx, and had to decline drinks with an ex-client because of that. Mike also asked me out … Continue reading

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I give up…

…on you. On caring what you think. On wondering who’s better. On making myself mad and sad about you. And I gain love, freedom and the time and energy to focus on the ones in front of me. Hi, Friend.

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random angry post

I am angry. I am angry for a few reasons. I am angry because of the chances I’ve missed. I am angry because of the pain I’ve received. I am angry because of the pain that has been inflicted on … Continue reading

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heap of receipts

That’s what’s left of the weekend.. headache tracking expenses aside, the weekend had been special, at least to what was planned. Thanks Monkey! “So how was the weekend?” “Like a dream.” trivia on the weekend: I had ice-cream twice on … Continue reading

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Breasts are easier to spot

This conversation took place during working hours. someone: i think im moving on from a breast person to a leggy person me: hmm someone: i used to be an eye person leh me: uh huh someone: then i figured out breasts are easier to spot … Continue reading

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Les Miserables

I have been whining about going to Phantom. I can barely tolerate missing it, but I will give an arm and a leg to watch Les Miserables if they do come to Singapore. Heck, I’ll even starve myself if needed. … Continue reading

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fried rice paradise

I was just updating my CRM for my company, when I realised that it’s been nearly 2 months (25th Jan!) since I bought Fried Rice for someone at his office after work. I haven’t done something like that for a … Continue reading

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6 things about you

Got tagged by Lex. This is going to be hard. I am an open book. And here are the rules. These are the rules: Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who … Continue reading

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The 17th of March flew by without much occasion, besides the subtle aching for a friend gone too early, and the compassion felt for another’s pain for the said gone friend. Every month’s 17th would have her in a semi-daze, … Continue reading

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