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this is why I started smoking again

I was reading wilson’s blog when I came across this song from Hillsongs: How could I live without You/How could I survive Without Your love/Without Your touch You’re the One that heals me/And cleanses my heart/And sets me free Now … Continue reading

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that’s it

he’s really serious. he wants me to meet his friends. fuck. never did this sort of things before. wah lau. *deep breath* who am I kidding?

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I’m due at my aunty’s place for reunion dinner and then some-program-with-siblings until A.M. and then my dad’s driving us all back to ipoh. Apprehension is one thing. I’m honestly worried now because I cannot find my passport. I couldn’t find a proper bag for packing too, and had to use a way over-sized one, and then now I’m irritated because my mum’s MIA, my dad’s stuck in traffic, my sister’s not picking up the phone, and it’ll be of no use to contact … Continue reading

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do not love me do not love me if it’s my lilting voice or my pretty eyelashes that beckon you do not love me if it’s my slender legs or my delicious lips that want to devour you do not love me if it’s my button nose or those two cute flaps we call ears do not love me if my shoulders seem welcome or my skin seem inviting if so, don’t love me, for your … Continue reading

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oh no, not again!

it doesn’t bode well for my springcleaned place when I start hearing scratching in the other room. oh well..

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cowboy dreams

I just woke up, feeling very bizarre, because I just realised I dreamt of cowboy. I wonder what that abodes for me!

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woke up at 5.45 to do work, except the itch is back! I cannot wait to finish springcleaning later. (*&^%$#$%^&*( damn itchy can? like got a lot of bites over my body. boy, am I in a grouchy mood now. not enough sleep and scratching all over my body, not to say the cats are at it again. let me finish this paperwork and I’ll be a bird!

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I don’t wanna work =( I wanna sleepppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp ok, back to work

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phantom of the opera

5 years ago, Miss Saigon came to town. I couldn’t catch it – I was too broke, plus, got no kaki. Now, I want to catch The Phantom of the Opera, and I can’t wait… except I’m broke too. =(

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