I’m taking a fiver before I clean my house. I just reached home, like, 10 minutes ago, because the sister is flying back tomorrow and she demanded I sing karaoke with her. I am nice and sweet to my family despite of potential trauma (don’t preach. seriously. you’re not me and you don’t have them) so I agreed, despite having to rush on some major work.

So I’m going to clean the house later, beginning with neatening the house, then cleaning the floor and mopping it, and then the room, because I wanna be able to sleep there tomorrow. I can’t vaccum because it’s too late so the sofa-chair has to wait (damn itchy). Then I got to mop the kitchen, wipe the counter tops, change the cat food paper. After that which I have to clean and wash the pantry and the cat litter. Lastly I got to wash the bathroom.

If I’m lucky, I’ll be done by 5am, by then I have to do work because I need it to be completed by 8am.

Go to fly to AMK for a demo at 10am then the big project meeting at 1pm at Ubi. After that, I got to prepare for the big demo on thursday morning before going for a movie/shopping (which reminds me… must find my free engwah voucher). I need to get my bed. Shite.

By the way, if you don’t know anything about what’s happening.. or if you THINK you do, there’s the wall. Bang it. Do the world a favour.

most of a person

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  1. chuwen says:

    get a maid that comes in once a week.

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