you know I am bored when I start tinkering around the blog. Actually, I only start tinkering around the blog when I’m supposed to be do something else, like clean my house (yep), do some work (ditto), or other serious stuffs.

Someone in the bar was talking about going overseas for a trip. I really want to go, but I think about the kind of fear and anxiety I have to endure for the journey and then I sian 1/2. Argh.

I really would like a get-away, even if it’s to Sentosa. Perhaps I should go Palau Kapas again for my birthday this year. Hurhurhur. The innkeeper would be surprised… I was supposed to send him teriyaki sauce 2 years back. Thinking back.. I was 22. I’m 24 now. What have I achieved?

palau kapas
palau kapas: beautiful sunset

I think I’ll really go to Sentosa for a retreat, like what Wilson does. I won’t even bring my phone, and it’ll be nice and safe. I wonder if I disappear like that, would anyone be alarmed and seek me out? How long would I be gone for someone to start looking

Would you?

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