bits/pieces #01

I missed the deadline. Damn shit. I guess I’m fated. Perhaps I’ll try to email to see if I can put an edge in. Shite.


Anyways, my pictures for Ipoh/Genting CNY are up.

I was out with my parents just now, and 2 of my older cousins that were in town for work joined us. We actually drove into Sentosa. Can you believe that I haven’t gone to the Underwater World for around 10 years? It was fun and educative. I looked around the island, and I think I’ll drop by for a retreat soon. I really do like Sentosa. My work in my old advertising place and my experience in the hotel/f&b helped when I explained the various tourist spots around.

ipoh white coffee

I really miss working in hotel/f&b.. the kind of dynamics. I had lunch with N on Friday, and I was listening to him complain about work. That’s one of the reasons why I love having lunch with him. He’s my sole window into that world now.

I miss playing basketball. Think I’ll ask Supanova to shoot a few balls with me this week. Basketball, then badminton.

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