Chapter Two

Orange skies, and a silence so deafening that windows seem to shatter invade the car as I nap. I feel safe in his presence, his smiling face knowing I need my sleep, after all, it is because I have worked hard for him. He stops the car outside my block, I pretend to continue to sleep, wanting the night to last longer. He looks at me, and tones down the air conditioning Рafter all if I fall sick, there will be no one at the shop Рand lowers his seat to rest as well.

We lay in silence, both with our eyes closed, not touching, not even near, but he doesn’t know that I desperately want to hold his hand, to kiss him, to lie my head on his shoulder and never let go. I am 18, still young and innocent, and my whole world comprises of him and his company that I work at. I am eager to please, eager to learn and that leads to my promotion many times, fuelling rumours of an affair between us that I would give my heart to.

There are times we talk in the car, of work and life, and I pry a little into his life. He usually replies with a hearty laughter, knowing that my questions are innocent and not innocent at all. Exclusive dinners with me usually become a team affair when I do not get the hidden meaning and tell the team “Boss’s treating!” But now, this time in the car, is just me and him and Class 95′s music. Toy Soldiers play in the background, and the music continues playing in my head long after he drops me off.

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