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went for karaoke with my sister last night.. I usually end up singing the songs of yesteryear because those were the good old times for me. We have similar tastes in music (except hers is getting a tad too teenyboppy … Continue reading

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I’m taking a fiver before I clean my house. I just reached home, like, 10 minutes ago, because the sister is flying back tomorrow and she demanded I sing karaoke with her. I am nice and sweet to my family … Continue reading

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I am so farking screwed. I forgot to send this really really important document to my colleague. I’m not going to open my email. Besides that, the work that should have been done and submitted to another colleague for view … Continue reading

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meme overdue

I’m always doing overdue memes. Because I am so damn bored, and because I remember I owe the hot mama a meme.. so.. Layer ONE- On the Outside Name: rationalneurotic Birth Date: 1983 Current Status: status? sitting on my couch. … Continue reading

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bits/pieces #01

I missed the deadline. Damn shit. I guess I’m fated. Perhaps I’ll try to email to see if I can put an edge in. Shite. dieselsweeties Anyways, my pictures for Ipoh/Genting CNY are up. I was out with my parents … Continue reading

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you know I am bored when I start tinkering around the blog. Actually, I only start tinkering around the blog when I’m supposed to be do something else, like clean my house (yep), do some work (ditto), or other serious … Continue reading

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distance? perhaps it’s needed. perhaps I should know, track record has shown failure. Who am I kidding? Emotions are involved. There’s no way I can beat the odds. Or could I? What am I doing? oh gosh. pain; hurt will … Continue reading

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Chapter Two

Orange skies, and a silence so deafening that windows seem to shatter invade the car as I nap. I feel safe in his presence, his smiling face knowing I need my sleep, after all, it is because I have worked hard for … Continue reading

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Chapter One

I like taking taxis. The gentle vibrations of the movement calm me, and the occasional banter amuses me. But when there is no conversation, I look out the window. Sometimes, there is music, courtesy of local radio channels. At that … Continue reading

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the recluse effect

I’m sick and tired. Too many stuff. Too many factors. This to consider, that to consider. Try so damn hard still cannot. I give up. Don’t try, get scorned. Try, get scorned. KNS. I wonder why humans try so hard. … Continue reading

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