There are hidden messages in this post today.
Was at Sentosa yesterday, and my companion suddenly slowed down on our way back. “What’s up?” I asked, and he pointed to the sign board in front.

Corny. But it reminds me of something as I am blogging right now. I remembered why I started blogging in the first place. There’s too many tragedies happening, too many people dying senselessly. We need all the help we can get to protect us from the elements, and people are fighting people. It’s frightening.


Ignorance is tearing countries apart. Remember when we were in school, we used to be bored at stuff like “Racial Harmony Day“, but I tell you now: those are good stuff. In a world that beating up people on videos are considered entertainment, we need our heads on screwed tight.

One Big Happy

Have fun, someone said. Don’t be such a good-fuddy-boring do-gooder. If being “good” means being boring, I rather be boring. I can live a life without sex, drugs and drink, and have a lot of fun – in contrast, you can’t: you’re losing out. You need to be simulated to have fun, to enjoy stuff, while me? All I have to do is to call out to one of my very few friends: a conversation can make my day. Who’s the loser now?


If this world is going to rot, it’s the people that are breeding the worms. I long for a day where the major bad news is all about petty things like gossip of some small time celebrity and maybe.. I don’t know. No news is good news, besides the real good news of course, like poverty on a decline in most parts of the world?
*just pondering: if LKY had run of a starving 3rd world nation now, how would things be? this is not meant to be a taunt, I have respect for that man for what he did when he was still young – he built Singapore*

Distraction is a form of technique encouraged by my therapist for me to control, prevent and curb my attacks. But I cannot be distracted from You. I really need space, but I also need encouragement, strength and wisdom.


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