When your cats… Part 1

Sometimes being a “good” owner means that you have to lock your cat into the pantry where the litterboxes are and tolerate their meowing, because

(1) they might shit outside your door just to spite you

what, me? *innocent look*

(2) they might pee outside and you’ll discover it only 2 days later due to a lingering smell and dried yellow patches (even though it’s your fault to not change the litter)

I can’t pee on demand…. I wanna come outttttttttttt

Sometimes being a cat owner means that you have to be selfish and lock your cat outside because they cannot understand DND, and refuse to sleep when you need that peace.

what what what? we look so cute, won’t you let us in?

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3 Responses to When your cats… Part 1

  1. Green Ogre says:

    Grins. They look really fuzzy.

  2. CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! says:

    yes, i understand.
    my dog do that ALL the time.

  3. Sibeh Sian says:

    That’s really a lot, a lot of cats :P

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