Congrats, Dai Kor!

turn that thing down! I wanna sleep..

the poor thing is used to having me around. when I stopped sleeping in my room, the only defence she got at night was gone too. I realised that she’ll always be on top of the tv when I watch it at night. Perhaps it’s like the way I treat my brother… since God is omnipotent and always present, no matter where I am He’ll see me, no?

Talking about TV, I’ve been watching the 9pm show on Channel 8, and really quite impressed at the new way that Channel 8 is trying this out. But you can only do the “24″ timing thing this many times. Keep the edge and lose the format for the next show! Great casting of Huang Biren and Li Nanxing.

On a totally different note, Dai Kor’s getting married! Finally 有人要了… Just tell me when’s the wedding and I’ll be there… if not in person, in money! 所谓, 人不到, 钱到!

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One Response to Congrats, Dai Kor!

  1. Sandy says:

    wah, are you talking about your real “dai kor”?? :)

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