I’m Back


well Well WELL.

I gotta try right? =))

hence, I’m going to try blogging regularly again. EVERYDAY in fact, and I’m gonna do it before “Bewitched” at 1.15 and after lunch (my regular pasta). I wanted to post my pasta’s pic, but I realised that I didn’t have one. Hence, here’s one of Alex, who had been sleeping with me when I doze off from watching CSI (Season One) [it's for research ok? for my module Law of Evidence. *ahem*]

turn off the lights, turn off the lights! don’t bother me!
What CSI? Noisy lah!

On a separate note, many thanks to mooiness for replying me. It was great getting it off my (very small) chest, from a guy who knows who I am talking about. Kinda. =)

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One Response to I’m Back

  1. mooiness says:

    Anytime you wanna get more things of your erm small chest, feel free. :D

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