going, going, gone

hi all

I am going to tender my resignation tomorrow, to much my regret. I love this company, even though sometimes it gets frustrating. Normally, if I feel that I don’t value add a company already I’ll leave. But I was getting up and better in this, and I really wanted to stay.

Now I have to go. It sucks. It absolutely sucks. Meanwhile, I ask for your prayers to tide me over this 45 days notice, that I am able to study properly and effectively and to the best that I can ever be.

Also, this blog might be inactive for a while. A long, long while until I get things in place. Mobile blogging here and there maybe, but photos often don’t show up, so where’s the fun? Sorry to my churchmates – you guys are actually the only people who demand my presence often (and it’s great) and I miss all youse. I hope those brothers and sisters on the ‘border’ enter our ‘nation’ soon =)

In other news, miss ene has changed her blog add, and embarked a new job too. Heh. Ask her for her new bloggie. sky aka moby watched the Memoirs of the Geisha, mrbrown and miyagi went on TV (here and here). Deb lamented the fact that everyone was asking her about her marital status, Peter relived some of his favourite childhood memories, cherrine pondered about growing up, faith had a really funky group V Day celebration, brian‘s old cat died, and Linus and I have a standoff – she refuses to acknowledge me, I refuse to let her in my room.

See ya.

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