Silly old man

I was at china square food centre today, drawing cash from the atm. See, I work near there, and pass by this tiny museum behind far east square at Spinelli’s (ya I know that’s the wrong spelling but the stupid phone does not have that inside its dictionary) but recently have not gone there. It was drizzling slightly and hence people tried to keep out of the rain. When I turned, I got shocked by this sight:

why was a man there? where did the table come from? why was he in the middle of the rain?

freaky? you bet! on closer inspection, I realised that it was a wax (or so I think) figure, for some tea thing inside. Even upon a close look, he looked super real!

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One Response to Silly old man

  1. Rachel Tham says:

    wahahah me was shocked by that same old man also!
    he looked so real, i cannot believe it i actually went up and looked at him! wahahah

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