Marketing Jargon – the latest tongue twisters

Can anyone understand this sentence without slowly reading it again?

“The discourses of branding, if briefly surmised, advocate the methodolgy of consistency in the practises of creativity. Paradoxical as it may sound, consistency and creativity exist in polar extremes, like Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.’ Hence draws forth the conclusion that applying Oscar Wilde to the concept of branding is analogous to saying that coffee is a stimulant yet a relaxant.” – An ad for Suzuki Coffee

Huh? Waitaminit. The first sentence alone has 17 words, of which 6 of them at least 3 syllabus. Why can’t people use simple England? My England not that powderful, ok?

What da heow? footnote 1

And where did coffee jump in? If this was an essay in Secondary School, it would been a big fat F.

Waitaminit. No wonder they ended up copywriters! footnote 2

1. Copyright Mr Miyagi. Actually Mr Brown. Erm, but it’s Mr Miyagi’s site. But it’s mb writing. But….
2. No offense to copywriters. Please don’t sue me. I love you all.

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2 Responses to Marketing Jargon – the latest tongue twisters

  1. draco_malfoy!!!! says:

    The para seems to be written by someone who’s trying to use language to obscure his/her lack of content! :-P I had problems trying to understand it too, initially. What I gather (upon my 3rd time reading it) is that it’s telling us

    “Branding requires a creative mind yet it involves consistency. And consistency and creativity don’t go together.” Full stop. The coffee part is perhaps included to illustrate that coffee is usually seen as a stimulant (creativity) but effectively, it’s a relaxant (consistency).

  2. choocrainbow says:

    Lee, been here. :) just to drop a lovely note to tell u :u are in my prayers.Let God be the strength of your heart in all things. Be strong in heart for Him, and He will be with you where He brigns you! amen! :)

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