I can feel my tummy rumbling with gas. I really need to fart. Burping unfortunately isn’t allevating the issue.
hahahaha at least I can say, seriously, honestly, that the bulge on my tummy (sometimes) isn’t fats.


I need to fart!

ps I’ll be amending the templates… promised myself but too lazy.. ;p

update 0130H: I hate spammers. This is a friggin blog, not my personal inbox. Not even 10 minutes after I posted, some idiot spammed me already. If I were some celebrity blogger, you pay me. If not, please don’t waste my time! @!#$%^&*()

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  1. Wilz says:

    It can be resolved by going to your Setting->Comments and check ‘yes’ for ‘Show Word Verification for comments’. I guess this will probably preclude those automated systems and spams from commenting, because it takes a human’s wisdom to verify the words :)

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