Xando Tummy Pills


This is literally biting off someone’s toes. lol =)

So I’m officially in YA now. New beginning? ‘Grown up’? I can write about it, and not totally reluctant but.. hahaha

what is wrong with me? lol. I felt like a shopping spree in borders today, there must have been a million and one books I wanna read.

hahahahha I think I’m going mad.

I think I’m being me. =)

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One Response to Xando Tummy Pills

  1. fanghui says:

    hellO loVer.. haha.. okay here goes the explanation:

    (pronoun) refers to => He
    and he refers to => A guy
    and that guys is => an old fren of mine
    and old is =>more than 1/2 of my lifetime

    I’m sure i mentioned him to u before. Think back bout some guy driving me ard.
    *scanning the surroundings*
    Better be discreet bout this. Never noe who’s listening.
    Besides i got a *special eye* watching me (check my taggy).

    Love ya toO!

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