Cruxified, laid behind the stone..

The death toll has climbed more than 60000 as many missing are accounted for in death. An epidemic is also now looming. What can we do over here? As much as my fear of the unknown, I have a small burning desire to go and help.. but with my unskilled hands I might just be more of a hinderance. I can only gather and send aid.

None of my cg mates have replied my last email for aid. Is it disappointing? Yes, a tat.

Please pray for the countries involved and needing. We can all do that little bit of prayer for them. After it’s free but paid by the Blood of the Lamb.

On a better note, some of the survivors were touched by the help given to them by the locals, many of which are needy. I read in the news that one of the survivor families was given clothing, food, footware, and a roof over their heads with food. In this time, 患难出真情 (The adversity leaves the true feelings, or in this case sympathy and kindness)

I just wish that Jerry can respond. I haven’t heard from him yet. I’m so afraid, very afraid, I got to admit.

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