I have moved

So I have! Thanks to Zeus and his kindness, and nadnut‘s enthusiastic promotion (nuffnang, are you hearing this?), I am part of the nuffnang community with a new blog to boot. So go on and click on the image above to visit the new place.

I am forever indebted, Zeus!

By the way, it does work! nadnut and sheylara are so smitten by their nuffnang ads, they are pondering their own nike products!

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I’ll be back

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weather’s too hot? Cool yourself off.

http://www.esljunction.com/esl-efl-flashcards/weather-flashcards/ So the recent heatwave has caught up on you?The crazy rain/sunshine/rain/sunshine has made you sick?

This is the environmental effects they warned us about 10 years ago taking effect now. Like you, I can’t live without my TV set, my air-conditioning, my million-and-one-gadgets-that-I-absolutely-need. But this is very real. Seriously real. And it’s happening within our lifetime.

So switch off the lights at night. Read a book next to a lamp instead of letting your widescreen tv drone on. Go play real tennis instead of playing tennis on your Wii. Walk instead of taking a cab. Switch off all your lights at night. Do you really need to leave your PC on the whole night? Even bit counts. You don’t have to go so extreme, not now, though it’ll be good.

Do something everyday – recycle your unwanted goods/buy 2nd hand stuff if you can (thus eliminating waste) or use a tote for grocery shopping or make your own notebook from scrap-paper (fun to do with kids!).

Me? I’ve stopped using the air-conditioning, stopped leaving the TV on while I sleep, switched off the main power of the TV/DVD section when I’m out, rollerblade and going for a stroll at night (for at least half an hour) instead of playing games on my laptop. I use my bathwater to rinse my bathroom and the laundry water to clean the pantry where my cats’ litters are. I can’t quit my CSI addiction, but at least I’ll minimize the TV usage to when I am actually using it. And when I move, I’ll try to get the most efficient refrigerator.

Every little bit helps. What’s yours?

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I need a drink.

I also need a shoulder.

Would you give me one?

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I hate sales meetings

I would like to stab myself and fade into the dingy blue carpet when I see my numbers, especially next to my sales managers’. My colleagues have asked if the sector was that bad.

I hate this shite. I love my job, almost 100%, but I hate this shite. It is enough to make me want to quit because no sales = no pay, no pay = no money, no money = no food.

You have no idea how shitty this all is and how crap I feel.

And the ever edging stress contradicted by the increasing draining of motivation… that’s a very peculiar and interesting feeling.

Yea, all my fault. Perhaps I am fooling myself. I’m not meant for a job like this.


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hate cabbies?

read this.

Opinions about cab drivers are almost as diverse as the people who constitute what is one of our most put-upon professions; some of us love ‘em, others despise, some complain constantly about the standard of service, others are well aware what a demanding and dangerous job it is.

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Stop killing each other

I’ve just realized that Mother’s Day must be a really depressing day for people with no mom.

Coupled with the fighting still not really over, and war still all over in the world… From me to you (taken from Zeus)…

Here’s a big hug from me to all of you who are unluckier than the rest of us.

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now this is good support

good bra support
I didn’t mean this kind of support

apparently I put a reminder in Monkey’s phone (that I obviously don’t remember about). I didn’t even notice that today was the 14th, but that silly boy remembered.

I was struck by lust of the industry again, and I put the question forth to him. Now, I asked my buddies the same thing and they mostly logically dissuaded me from going back. I half expected Monkey to say the same thing too, but his answer…

Why not? I’ll support you.

…told me that I made the right choice 3 months ago.

Thanks, baby.

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you got to respect people

A neighbour of mine was screaming at her maid yesterday, because the maid did something quite stupid. She “ran out of hands” carrying the stuff and didn’t know how to open the door for the “mam” who wanted to get the baby out of the back seat. The words seem harmless if you’re ribbing a very close friend, like what I have with my friends, but I’m sure that was not what she meant, and the tone was way too harsh.

You stupid is it? Left your brain in Indonesia is it?

All the way the maid was grinning sheepishly, and if the woman had a free hand I am sure that she would have started poking the maid’s forehead. Then the woman turned to the infant in her arms and started cooing.

I am very thankful my parents taught me better by example when we had maids (they are people, not commodities or things that we use to get by – being a maid is her occupation, not her identity). I have very little respect for people who treat their maids less than that.

People like that, she can be the CEO of Microsoft for all I care, and I will still have very little respect for her.

You got to treat people like people, no matter their occupation, race, colour, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, etc. You got to treat people like people.

you can’t photoshop a personality
you can’t photoshop a personality – ds

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